Action speaks louder than words. The achievements and the awards we have received in the field of education is enough for you to agree with me. PSACWA- Bihar honored our students’ couple of times for the outstanding performance (2015-17). MSMS is the state awardee of NATIONAL CHILDREN’S SCIENCE CONGRESS-2016(NCSC) from the science and technology department of the government of India, the participant of the international event of NCSC at Baramati- MH, National the part pant of VVM-2015, state winner of VVM-2015, state participants and district winner of NCSC-2017.

We, in MSMS, give much priority to arts, crafts, sports and other extra-curricular activities along with academic excellence.

Curricular and Extra curricular activities.

1. Sinai science club: Sinai Science Club was established in 2015 and is affiliated with Evolution Org. (recognized by the science and technology Department of India). In the club, students are being trained and taught by the expert team lead by Mr. Satyam Kumar Singh, Director Evolution Org. Students are prepared for the national and international competitions like NCSC, VVM, NYF, NIF, B.V, IRIS, BIF, etc.

2. Science exhibitions: The science Department of MSMS organizes science exhibitions in the school where students get the opportunity to explore all possible opportunities for science and technology. Students demonstrate their knowledge and skills in the field of science through various projects and models. Science exhibitions open the doors of knowledge before the child.

Achievements Collage

3. Study tours: The study tours and excursions organize by the school management not only give the child a sense of entertainment but also it’s an opportunity for them to explore various places with plenty of historical and cultural significances.

4. Monthly inter house completions: The inter house competitions held in the school give the student a wide range of opportunities to test and prove his caliber. The competitions include Elocution, Quiz, Drawing, Painting, Essay writings (Hindi, English, Sanskrit, and Urdu), poetry, drama, fancy dress etc.